• Для соответствия действующим стандартам по силам удара.
  • Оператор с управлением движением на основе датчика.
  • Can operate in emergency mode during power outages.
  • Self-diagnosing, hardwired safety devices.
  • Control board, with separate terminals and function-setting dip-switches. Save up to 25 different users.
  • On-board rolling code decoding.
  • Can connect CAME-range hardwired keypads via the R800 accessory.
  • A single version, with encoder-based control, for gates weighing 400 kg and measuring up to 10 m.
  • Safety is ensured by the encoder's movement control function.
  • It works even during power outages by fitting emergency batteries in the specific housing.
  • Built-in ZN6 control board with separate terminals and dip-switches make for easier programming and start-up.
  • Directly settable functions, such as closing times, speed and sensitivity.
  • It can handle up to 25 Rolling Code users.
  • Plug-in connectors for the R800 control board and AF receiver.

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